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Muse Fest HK 2023


Muse Fest HK 2023
Hong Kong H.A.S. Museums

With the theme “Hong Kong H.A.S. Museums” again this year, the Muse Fest HK 2023 is set to nourish your imagination and spark your creativity by taking you on an expedition of the boundless universe of history, art and science concealed in museums and cultural spaces throughout Hong Kong.

“A Fiesta of Imagination” will not only unveil the curtain of this year’s museum festival filled with fabulous programmes, it is also one of the premier events of the “Science Fiction” exhibition by the Hong Kong Science Museum. A joint venture of various cultural sections under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, including the Science Promotion Unit, Conservation Office, Hong Kong Public Libraries, Film Programmes Office, Community Programmes Office and Music Office, the two-day carnival will give you a mind-blowing experience through exploring the wonders of science fiction.

As for the "Selected Museum Publications and Souvenirs Mega Sale" this year, more choices of books and souvenirs will be offered. With more options of discount and courtesy gifts, we hope book lovers can bring home treasures of wisdom which could be shared with friends and family.

Besides, you will find a lot extraordinary happenings from the five series of festival programmes including the “Special Series”, “Crossover Series”, “Fun Series”, "Exhibition and Film Show Series” and “Extension Activity Series”.

We have also collected for you not-to-be-missed programmes by our Museum Partners in Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong, enabling you to delve into the amazing world of arts and cultures. Come and join the museum journey!

More than 80 fabulous Muse Fest programmes are rolling out. Stay tuned for more updates on the website and make sure you won't miss out any one of them.

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