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Joyous Destiny: A Selection of Wedding Memorabilia from the Museum's Collections



From 17 August 2022 

Marriage is an indispensable part of family life, and Chinese society attaches great importance to marriage traditions. Featuring more than 60 sets of invaluable artefacts meticulously selected from the Museum's wedding memorabilia, this exhibition reveals the traditional marriage rites and customs of local Chinese.


The exhibits come from the generous donations by members of the public since the 1970s, including marriage documents, dowry, wedding costumes, a bridal sedan chair and historical photos. The exhibition introduces marriage traditions, from the marriage proposal and betrothal to the wedding ceremony, with highlights of practices such as presenting the betrothal gifts, delivering the dowry, receiving the bride and holding the wedding banquet. Visitors can experience the transforming tradition by tracing the origins of Chinese marriage rites.


Longshu and Fengjian


Dowry register

Donated by Mrs Pearl Loke

Bridal lacquer dressing box

1920s - 1930s
Donated by Mr Ho Tze-wai (transliterated)

Free Admission

1/F Main Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

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Hong Kong Museum of History


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