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Past Exhibitions



The Story of Hong Kong

A standing exhibition as from 29/10/1991

The exhibition begins with a short introduction to the natural setting of the Hong Kong region as the stage for the cultural, economic and political development of the area. The earliest known human activities in the territory will be traced through evidence of archaeological finds, ancient rock carvings and kiln sites. Mention will be made of the Lei Cheng Uk Han tomb and other historic evidence of the Tang Dynasty. The growth of population in Hong Kong since the Song Dynasty, the establishment of villages, land ownership, the structure of rural society, clan organization as well as growth of markets and towns will also be covered. The cession of Hong Kong Island and creation of the City and the subsequent addition of Kowloon and the New Territories to the territory will be outlined. With the display of historical photographs, documents, models, historical objects and audio-visual devices, the exhibition concentrates on the development of Hong Kong from a small fishing village to an important metropolis.