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150 years of Postal Service in Hong Kong

13/6/1991 – 4/8/1991

The British government had established postal service in Hong Kong since 1841. A small post office was built near St. John's Cathedral in mid-1841 while adhesive stamps for local uses were first issued in 1862. The development of local postal service indirectly promoted the commerce and trade of Hong Kong. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of postal service in Hong Kong, the Urban Council and the Post Office will jointly present the said exhibition to introduce to the public the postal history of Hong Kong. The exhibits on display will include the stamps issued from 1862 up to now, the postal markings of the pre-adhesive period, the die proofs, color trials and specimens of the early stamps. Treaty Ports postal items will also be featured in the exhibition so as to give a comprehensive picture of postal service development in Hong Kong.