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Archaeological Discoveries of Ancient Yue People in South China

27/11/1993 - 02/1994

To enhance public understanding of the early history of Lingnan area in general, and Hong Kong in particular, the Museum is going to stage jointly with the Anthropology Museum of Zhongshan University in Guangzhou and the Shenzhen Museum in Shenzhen an exhibition on the archaeological discoveries of ancient Yue people in the Lingnan area in Autumn 1993. The exhibition will trace the evolution of the ancient Yue people from the prehistoric period to the Han dynasty, covering a time span of around 10,000 years.

 Over 200 items of important cultural relics will be put on display. They include prehistoric stone tools and decors, ritual stone objects, pottery vessels, bronze implements, textile, shell and bone objects, and etc. They are carefully selected from a range of archaeological sites such as cave sites in Fengkai county, hill and shell midden sites in Xiqiaoshan, and coastal sand dune sites in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, reflecting the life style of indigenous Yue people in different environment. The exhibition will be complemented by maps, photographs, models and A/V programmes.