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Evolution and Extinction – History of Life Evidenced by Chinese Fossils Exhibition

29/10/1994  22/1/1995

The living world had gone through a process of evolution and development from very simple to highly sophisti-cated organisms. Nowadays, there are some two million species of plants and animals living on the earth. However, it is estimated that over the past 3.5 billion years, at least millions, or even billions, species of living organism had lived and became extinct. The mere presence of these extinct species is fortunately evidenced by fossils which are the remains of animals and plants being pre-served naturally in rock layers through the processes of sedimentation and fossilization. Consequently, fossil is the key to unlock the mystery of life evolution.

The Museum is going to present jointly with the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Academia Sinica, Beijing, an exhibition entitled "Evolution and Extinction - History of Life Evidenced by Chinese Fossils" in October 1994. About 230 specimens of plant and animal fossils have been carefully selected from the huge collection of fossils found in different part of China, and will be shipped to Hong Kong for display. Among them are stromatolite of 1.8 billion years ago, trilobite of 600 million years ago, cephalopoda of 500 million years ago, plant of 400 million years ago, fish of 440 million years ago, a 14 - meter long dinosaur of 150 million years ago and bird of 135 million years ago. Supplemented by maps, drawings of extinct species and pictures of reconstructed palaeoenvironment, these specimens serve to introduce the origin and early evolution of plants, insects, fishes, birds and mammals.