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An Economic Miracle – The Success Story of Hong Kong

30/4/1994  31/7/1994

When Hong Kong came under the British possession one and a half century ago, she was only a remote fishing village. Nevertheless, with the advantages of possessing a deep-water and sheltered harbour, enjoying a favourable location lying in the main trade route, and upholding a free trade and low taxation system, Hong Kong succeeded in changing from a desolated fishing village to an important financial centre today. The exhibition will cover the growth of Hong Kong in a broad historical perspective, analyzing how she transformed herself from a small fishing village unknown to the world, an entrepot, an industrial city and then today an important financial centre in the Far East. A selection of junk and ship models, trading and shipping documents, numismatic items, bank artefacts, industrial products, as well as photographs and A/V programmes will serve as vivid illustration in the exhibition.