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Life Under the Japanese Occupation, 1941-45

15/8/1995  19/11/1995

With the lapse of time, the Pacific War was concluded for half a century. However, for most of the elderly, their memories of Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong in the three years and eight months may not be that far remote. The 6.4 teals of rationed rice, the circulation of military notes and the drifting of local people were reminiscent features of the then people's livelihood. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War and of the Liberation of Hong Kong this August, the Museum is staging an exhibition entitled "Life Under the Japanese Occupation, 1941-45" to touch on the fall of Hong Kong, life during the occupation period and the Liberation. By virtue of the precious photographs, historical documents and artefacts, the exhibition will unfold the various facets of occupied Hong Kong, like economic condition, postal and transport services, public health, education and entertainment, etc. Visitors are expected to obtain an objective view in understanding the historical significance of that period.