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Of Hearts and Hands: Hong Kong's Traditional Trades and Crafts

28/6/1995  19/11/1995

Under the rapid socio-economic development of our society, many of the traditional trades and crafts are fast disappearing. In view of this, the Hong Kong Museum of History is now presenting an exhibition entitled "Of Hearts and Hands: Hong Kong's Traditional Trades and Crafts". It introduces about 40 traditional trades and crafts relating to a wide range of subjects such as clothing, food, leisure, handicrafts, architecture, domestic activities, as well as customs and creeds. With the display of tools and implements once used by old craftsmen and artisans, historical photographs, and audio-visual devices, the exhibition will shed light on the historical background, working procedures and technical skills of these tradesmen and artisans, as well as the paraphernalia essential to their trades. Visitors will have a deeper understanding of the early socio-economic development of Hong Kong through this exhibition.