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Past Exhibitions



History through Maps: An Exhibition of Old Maps of China

29/7/1997 – 26/10/1997

Chinese cartography and mapping, an integral part of Chinese cultural heritage, developed very early in China. In ancient China, map symbolized Emperors' sovereignty and territory. Bureaux were established to conduct serious map research, production and collection. In addition to official cartography, maps produced by the folks gained brilliant achievement. The study of maps enables us to learn the secrets of a country's vicissitude, changes of boundary, physical topography, strategies for national defence, transportation and so forth. It is a blend of human civilization, science and technology as well as geographical knowledge, with high intrinsic value in collection and preservation.

Jointly presented with the National Library of China, the exhibition features a selection of well known old maps of China, among which those on Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau are displayed to show their close relationship. It is hoped that the exhibition could help promote a better awareness and understanding of ancient Chinese maps in the study of the history of China and Hong Kong, pointing out the importance of preserving the Chinese culture through map collecting.