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Past Exhibitions



Heavenly Creations – Gems of Ancient Chinese Inventions

29/9/1998 – 3/1/1999

1/F Lobby

Jointly presented by The Provisional Urban Council, Hong Kong and The National Museum of Chinese History
Organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History

Sponsored by Rolex (Hong Kong) Limited and The Chinese History & Culture Educational Foundation for Youth

Ancient Chinese technology is noted for its advance over the rest of the world and its significant contributions to the progress of mankind. On display are some invaluable exhibits selected from numerous museums in China, which over the fields of astronomy, papermaking, printing, the compass, gunpowder, agriculture, textiles, ceramics, metallurgy as well as machinery, with a view to unfolding the scientific achievement and contribution of ancient China. It is hoped that this exhibition would let Hong Kong people better understand the ingenuity of Chinese culture.

The exhibition consists of around 250 exhibits. Among the key exhibits are: the world's oldest surviving map on paper, the world's oldest surviving water-clock, a bronze wine vessel, the odometer carriage, the south-pointing carriage and Zhang Heng's seismograph.