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Past Exhibitions



The Rise of Modern China:
A Century of Self-determination

18/9/1999  21/11/1999

(Gallery opening hours extended to 7pm)

Jointly presented by
the Provisional Urban Council, Hong Kong & the National Museum of Modern Chinese History
Organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History

Few countries in the world have undergone such major transformation as China did in the last hundred years. At the turn of the century to a new millennium, it is deemed timely to look back and ponder how China evolved from a monarchy in the early years of this century to a republic, and subsequently to a communist regime. With the display of abundant historical photographs and significant historical objects, this exhibition aims at providing an account of the efforts made in the past century striving for strength and prosperity, which eventually regenerated and transformed China to a major power in the world. Among the prominent artefacts are the original manuscript of the "Twenty-one Demands" with Yuan Shikai's handwritten comments, the proclamation of Mao Zedong made at the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China, as well as the plaques used in the protest against the "Gang of Four" in 1976.