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The people who inhabited South China from prehistoric times were the Nanyue people. From the Qin and Han dynasties, however, the Han people of Central China migrated south, bringing with them advanced culture and technology. With Dayuling Pass (one of the Five Ridges just north of present-day Guangdong Province) being opened up in the Tang dynasty and the Pearl River Delta being developed in the Song dynasty, migrants multiplied in numbers. These periods saw significant development in the South China region, with Hong Kong keeping the same pace as the Pearl River Delta. It was in the Song dynasty that the Tang clan settled in the New Territories, followed by more clans in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Immigration gave Hong Kong's economy a significant boost. This gallery outlines the development of Hong Kong from the Qin and Han to Qing dynasties through the relics preserved in the territory and on loan from Shenzhen. Important exhibits include two stelae : the "Shiyishuishan Boundary Stone of the Li Family" from Lantau Island and "Foster benevolence over Indo-China; tributes and taxes circulate from afar" stone tablet from Fat Tau Chau.

Name of Theatre/Video Show: Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb
Duration: 4 minutes
Capacity: Standing Audience
Screened in Cantonese, Putonghua and English in rotation.

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