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Folk Culture Heading

This gallery introduces the colourful customs of four ethnic groups of Hong Kong and South China. Stepping onto a life-size replica of a fishing junk, visitors can examine closely the Boat Dwellers' living conditions, and learn about their customs and beliefs. Although salt production in Hong Kong ceased a long time ago, the reconstruction of a salt field makes it possible to visualise the Hoklo people making salt in the old days. In the centre of the gallery are three traditional buildings, in which are shown local marriage customs, and the celebration of birth ritual at the Lantern Lighting Ceremony on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Another corner is set up as a Hakka peasant family's dwelling, the sparseness of the furnishings reflects the Hakka people's frugal life style. The most eye-catching display in this gallery is the reconstruction of the festive activities of the Taiping Qingjiao ceremony held annually in Cheung Chau, ranging from the bun mountains, the Cantonese Opera theatre, the parade, the lion dance, to the Taoist altar, all combined to capture the colourful and bustling atmosphere of the ceremony. The video show in this gallery provides visitors with a deeper understanding of the local folk traditions.

Name of Theatre/Video Show: Between Heaven and Earth
Duration of Show: 6 minutes
Capacity: 45
Screened in Cantonese, Putonghua and English in rotation.

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