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Japanese Occupation Heading

This gallery has been designed as an air-raid shelter in order to conjure up the atmosphere of war. After 18 days of fierce fighting the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Mark Young, surrendered to Japan on 25 December 1941, and Hong Kong entered a dark age which was to last for three years and eight months. Through the display of relics, historical photographs and videos, visitors can witness the horrific battles during those 18 days, learn about the harsh conditions of life in Hong Kong under the Japanese occupation, empathize with people's feelings of insecurity and fear, and marvel at the bravery of the guerrillas of the East River Column. One interesting relic is exhibited for the first time: the wooden plaque of the Governor's Office of the Captured Territory of Hong Kong previously installed outside the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building in Central.

Name of Theatre/Video Show: Three Years and Eight Months
Duration: 6 minutes
Capacity: 20
Screened in Cantonese, Putonghua and English in rotation.

Japanese Occupation Map

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