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Past Exhibitions

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Since its establishment in 1975, the Museum has staged more than 100 special exhibitions which cover a wide range of topics and represent the research of our curatorial staff. The exhibitions include: "Fifty Years of Hong Kong Archaeology", "History Around Us: Preserving Our Historic Buildings", "Hong Kong & Macau Currencies", "Local Traditional Chinese Wedding", "Made in Hong Kong: A History of Export Design in Hong", "150 Years of Postal Service in Hong Kong" and "Education in Hong Kong: Past and Present", etc. These exhibitions help to shed light on different facets of Hong Kong's history.

Apart from exhibitions on local history and culture, we have from time to time joined hand with both the Mainland and overseas institutions in organizing exhibitions of an international scope. Among them, "Heavenly Creations: Gems of Ancient Chinese Inventions", "Rise of Modern China: A Century of Self-determination", "The Great Wall: Gems of Cultural Relics of the Nomadic Tribes" and "War and Peace: Treasures of the Qin and Han Dynasties" are typical examples of our joint co-operation with the Mainland counterparts, and in return, exhibitions like "Hong Kong during the Japanese Invasion", "Achievements in the Past and Plans for the Future" and "Bits of Old Hong Kong " were held in Beijing. "Johann Strauss: Thunder & Lightning" and "Napoleon Bonaparte: Emperor and Man" exhibitions even came a long way from afar. We will continue to present exhibitions of diversified themes so as to help widen the cultural horizon of the local citizens.

Special exhibitions held after 1990:
Glistening Treasures in the Dust – Ancient Artefacts of Afghanistan (6 November 2019 - 10 February 2020)
The Road to Modernisation – 70 Years of the People's Republic of China (3 July - 26 August 2019)
Gilded Glory: Chaozhou Woodcarving (8 November 2018 - 25 February 2019)
HKSARG's Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening Up of the Country: 'Joint Development ‧ Shared Prosperity' Exhibition (12 December 2018 - 28 January 2019)
Ying Wa College Bicentenary Exhibition – A Legacy to Hong Kong History (2 November - 5 December 2018)
Through Thick and Thin: 150 Years of the Hong Kong Fire Services (19 September - 22 October 2018)
An Age of Luxury: the Assyrians to Alexander (9 May - 3 September 2018)
Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road (29 November 2017 - 5 March 2018)
Longevity and Virtues: Birthday Celebrations of the Qing Emperors and Empress Dowagers (2 July - 9 October 2017)
The Legend of Hong Kong Toys (2 March - 15 May 2017)
Mare Nostrum: Roman Navy and Pompeii (8 June - 29 August 2016)
Across the Oceans: the Local Connections and Global Dimensions of China's Maritime Silk Road (26 October - 27 December 2016)
Inspiring Insights into Dr Sun Yat-sen and His Time (12 November - 5 December 2016)
Connecting UK & HK: A Review of Its Aviation Development (14 December 2016 - 9 January 2017)
The Exhibition of the 25th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (4 April - 25 May 2015)
Every Object Tells a Story (15 April - 6 May 2015)
"The Rise of the Celestial Empire: Consolidation and Cultural Exchange during the Han Dynasty" Exhibition (24 June - 5 October 2015)
Pictorial Exhibition on "China's War of Resistance against Japan" (12 August 2015 - 5 October 2015)
Journey for Active Minds: Jockey Club Museum Programme for the Elderly (4 November 2015 - 23 November 2015)
The Radiant Ming 1368-1644 through the Min Chiu Society Collection (16 December 2015 - 11 April 2016)
A Century of Fashion: Hong Kong Cheongsam Story (29 January - 3 March 2014)
The Aftermath of the First Sino-Japanese War: The Lease of the New Territories and Weihaiwei (9 April - 9 June 2014)
"Historical Imprints of Lingnan: Major Archaeological Discoveries of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao" Exhibition (11 June - 1 September 2014)
Assimilation into Han Culture: The Ancient Funerary Pottery of Guangxi (16 July - 15 September 2014)
The Tastes of Hong Kong - Local Food Culture Exhibition (Until 6 October 2014)
"Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo, Residence of the Russian Monarchs" Exhibition (29 October 2014 - 16 March 2015)
The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia (30 January - 13 May 2013)
Who Am I? Bridging the Pacific - From Guangdong to Barkerville and Back Exhibition (27 February - 15 April 2013)
When Hillsides Collapse - A Century of Landlides in Hong Kong - Be Prepared for Danger in Times of Peace (8 May - 27 May 2013)
Hong Kong Observatory - Under the Same Sky 130 Years (10 July - 2 September 2013)
The Splendours of Royal Costume: Qing Court Attire (31 July - 7 October 2013)
Journey with You: Hong Kong Bus Story (25 September - 11 November 2013)
Long Road to Our Verdant Peak: The History and Relics of Psychiatry in Hong Kong (30 October - 9 December 2013)
A Century of Fashion: Hong Kong Cheongsam Story (29 November - 29 December 2013, in Taipei)
Images Through Time: Photos of Old Hong Kong (18 December 2013 - 21 April 2014)
Hong Kong Currency (14 March - 4 June 2012)
Chaozhou Food Culture in Hong Kong (21 March - 1 May 2012)
Transformation of the Qipao (27 April - 10 June 2012)
The Majesty of All Under Heaven : The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor (25 July - 26 November 2012)
The Making of Modern Hong Kong and China: Contributions of Queen's College Old Boys (25 November - 9 December 2012)
History in Miniature: The 150th Anniversary of Hong Kong's First Postage Stamps (19 December 2012 - 16 January 2013)
Chen Kung - che: Hong Kong's Archaeologist and Polymath (19 January - 28 March 2011)
Centenary of China' s 1911 Revolution (2 March - 16 May 2011)
A Partnership with the People: KAAA and Post-war Agricultural Hong Kong (13 April - 20 June 2011)
The Flavours of Everyday Life in China - Memories from the Past Half Century (6 July - 26 September 2011)
Dockyards of Hong Kong - Pictorial Exhibition on Hong Kong's Shipbuilding and Repair Industry (13 July - 21 November 2011)
Knowledge - Power:The Imperial Examination System of the Qing Dynasty (9 November 2011 - 6 February 2012)
Discovering Hong Kong's Cultural Traditions (21 January - 31 December 2010)
In Memory of "The King of Radio Broadcasting" Exhibition of Mr. Chung Wai-ming's Collections (4 February - 15 March 2010)
Legends of Luxury and Elegance: Lifestyles of the Han Nobility (10 February - 3 May 2010)
Memories We Share: Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s (31 March - 30 June 2010)
The Evergreen Classic - Transformation of the Qipao (23 June - 13 September 2010)
Under The Trees: People and Stories from Village Schools (21 July - 27 September 2010)
Witness of Time: Photos of Central and Western District in the 1970s (6 October 2010 - 10 January 2011)
Hong Kong, Benevolent City: Tung Wah and the Growth of Chinese Communities (27 October 2010 - 17 January 2011)
An exhibition to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement (23 March - 12 April 2009)
City of Victoria - A Selection of the Hong Kong Museum of History's Historical Photographs (25 March - 29 June 2009)
Modern Metropolis: Material Culture of Shanghai and Hong Kong (29 April - 17 August 2009)
Traditional Festivals in Hong Kong (1 July - 28 September 2009)
A Century of China (23 September 2009 - 4 January 2010)
Pioneer Archaeologist in South China: Father Maglioni's Collection of Archaeological Finds (4 November 2009 - 1 February 2010)
SUPERTRADER Hong Kong: 40 Years of Trade (3 January - 25 February 2008)
From New Year Prints to Propaganda Posters: Selections from the China Archives of Publications (12 March - 16 June 2008)
Heavenly Horse - The Horse in Chinese Art and Culture (16 July - 13 October 2008)
Hong Kong Observatory - Weathering the Storms for 125 Years (23 July - 22 September 2008)
Women of Hong Kong - A Century of Contribution and Development (1 October - 22 October 2008)
80 Years of Broadcasting in Hong Kong (29 October - 24 November 2008)
The French Revolutions (17 December 2008 - 16 March 2009)
Play : Hong Kong Theatre - Romance with China (11 - 23 January 2007)
Ancient Chinese Civilization - Treasures of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties from Henan Province (14 February - 14 May 2007)
Fifty Years of Cultural and Educational Development in Hong Kong (7 March - 30 July 2007)
Major Archaeological Discoveries of China in Recent Years (25 July - 24 September 2007)
Queen's College‧Hong Kong‧China : History and Memories of 145 Years (19 November - 3 December 2007)
The Development of Banks in Shanghai and Hong Kong (28 November 2007 - 24 March 2008)
Sailing West: Admiral Zheng He's Voyages
Historical Memorabilia on "A Distinguished Civil Service" Exhibition
Football Exhibition
Exhibition on "Documentary of Child Development - Footprints of Children from the 1930s to 2006"
Sketching Hong Kong: Exhibition on Kong Kai Ming Collection
Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Paper-cut Silhouette Exhibition (18 October 2006 - 15 January 2007)
From Bones to Bytes : Chinese Script Decoded Exhibition (25 October 2006 - 8 January 2007)
Highlights of the "Collection Campaign Related to Dr Sun Yat-sen and the 1911 Revolution"
Development of Land Transport in Hong Kong (displayed at MTR Central Station)
Dr Sun Yat-sen and Nanyang
Exhibition for Entries of the "6th Inter-School Stamp Exhibits Competition"
Paris Reflections: Photographs from the Centre Pompidou
Impressions of the East: The Art of George Chinnery
History of Ta Teh Institute Exhibition
East Meets West: Cultural Relics from the Pearl River Delta Region
Treasures of the Chengde Summer Palace
Dr Sun Yat-sen and Modern China
Let Us Not Forget: The Exhibition on Landslide History in Hong Kong (displayed at the Hong Kong Central Library)
Bits of Old Hong Kong (displayed at the China National Museum, Beijing)
History Re-stored: Ancient Greek Coins from the Zhuyuetang Collection
Deng Xiaoping and Hong Kong
Hunting and Rituals: Treasures from the Ancient Dian Kingdom of Yunnan
Napoleon Bonaparte: Emperor and Man
A Tribute to Heritage Discovering Hong Kong's Culture and Tradition (displayed at the Hong Kong Central Library)
National Flag, Emblem and Anthem of the People's Republic of China (displayed at the Hong Kong City Hall)
75 Years of Broadcasting in Hong Kong
We Shall Overcome: Plagues in Hong Kong
Boundless Learning: Foreign-educated Students of Modern China
Sun Yat-sen: from Cuiheng to Hong Kong
"Learning from SARS and Beyond" Exhibition
Growing with Time: The Hong Kong City Hall Retrospective Exhibition (displayed at the Hong Kong City Hall)
The Battle for Hong Kong: Hong Kong under the Camera of the Japanese Army" Photo Exhibition
Bits of Old Hong Kong: Museum Acquisitions in the Last Five Years
Achievements in the Past and Plans for the Future (displayed at the China Millennium Monument, Beijing)
War and Peace: Treasures of the Qin and Han Dynasties
City of Victoria
Showcasing Hong Kong's Past: Introductory Display on "The Hong Kong Story" and Introduction to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
The Great Wall: Gems of Cultural Relics of the Nomadic Tribes
Heritage of the Teaching Professions: The Changing Roles of Hong Kong Teachers
Encounter with Hong Kong's Past: History through the Museum's Collection
Defending the Seaboard: A Preview of the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
City of Victoria: Historical Photographs of Hong Kong
Rise of Modern China: A Century of Self-Determination
Johann Strauss: Thunder & Lightning
The Urban Council: Growing with Hong Kong (displayed at the Hong Kong City Hall)
Heavenly Creations: Gems of Ancient Chinese Inventions
Lin Zexu and the Opium War
The Fragrant Harbour: An Overview of Its Maritime Trade and Port Development
History through Maps: An Exhibition of Old Maps of China
The Maritime Silk Route: 2000 Years of Trade on the South China Sea
Of Hearts and Hands: Hong Kong's Traditional Trades and Crafts
Life Under the Japanese Occupation, 1941 - 1945
An Economic Miracle: The Success Story of Hong Kong
Evolution and Exhibition: History of Life Evidenced by Chinese Fossils
Education in Hong Kong: Past and Present
Archaeological Discoveries of Ancient Yue Tribe in South China
Gems of Liangzhu Culture from the Shanghai Museum
Hong Kong Costume: A Century of Decorum and Costume
The Ceramic Route: Archaeological Discoveries From Penny's Bay
Towards a Sustainable World
150 Years of Postal Service in Hong Kong
History of Hong Kong: From Neolithic Settlement to Modern City
The Fragrant Harbour: Past and Present
American Toys from the Lawerence Scripps Wilkinson Collection
Children of the Gods: Dress and Symbolism in China
Historical Materials for Hong Kong Studies