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Music of Huaxia: The Central Plains Ancient Music 

In conjunction with The Ancient Civilisation of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties in Henan Province’ exhibition, the museum specially invited the Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum to stage two public performances in Hong Kong. In addition to enjoying the ancient music, members of the audience may also have an opportunity to know more about and even try the musical instruments, such as the gu (drum), teqing and bianzhong with the musicians to deepen the understanding of the ancient music culture of the Central Plains.
Date: 3 / 4 (Wed) , 4 / 4 (Thu)
Time: 3 – 4pm
Venue: Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
139 seats, free admission, first come, first served. (Audience will be admitted 15 minutes before music performance starts)
Language: Putonghua
Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra
Founded in 2000, the Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum has been engaged in conducting research on musical cultural relics of the Central Plains, replicating and reconstructing ancient music scores, costumes and performance scenes on stage, and launching concerts under various themes. Over the years, the Orchestra has performed in many countries such as the United States, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore and has been highly praised by audiences at home and abroad.

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