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Since its establishment in 1975,  the Hong Kong Museum of History has made strenuous effort in collecting and preserving cultural objects which are closely related to the history of Hong Kong and the South China area. Through active fieldwork, purchases and donations, the Museum has built up a significant collection of historical objects and materials amounting over 140,000 items.

Historical objects collected range from invaluable philatelic items and coins to old account books and commercial letters rescued from dustbins, from an arrowhead to a peaktram. In general, the Museum's collections comprise items of ethnography, local history, coastal defence and military history, Dr Sun Yat-sen and modern Chinese history, etc. Please click LCSD Museums Collection Management System to view the selected objects. 

Most of our collection items have been donated by the public. With your help, these marks of history can be better preserved. If you would like to make donation, please click here for details.


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