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The Museum has built up a sizable collection of materials on the local ethnic cultures. It includes farming implements, rural household wares and furniture, fishing gears and junk models, all of which illustrate the traditional life of local villagers and boat-dwellers, as well as their farming and fishing industries in Hong Kong. Besides, a unique collection of traditional local costumes has also been built up, which includes over 5,500 items of rural and urban clothing and accessories worn by people of different ethnic origins, age and social classes from the 19th century to the 1970s. From this magnificent collection, one can learn the life styles of different ethnic groups, such as their living environment, historical development, moral values, customs and beliefs. These historical objects provide a comprehensive source for studying Hong Kong people's social life and history.

Over the years, the Museum has also been collecting historical objects reflecting the disappearing Chinese traditional art forms and occupations. There are more than 850 puppet accessories and musical instruments, as well as over 1,500 items related to wedding customs, religious practices and traditional trades. These artifacts provide valuable information for us to understand the development of traditional entertainment, customs and beliefs, as well as the early trades of Hong Kong.

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