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The Museum has built up a collection of over 70,000 items on local history, which illustrates the development of Hong Kong from its early days. Various facets of life in Hong Kong are depicted in the extensive archives of over 14,000 historical photographs and postcards dating from the 1860s. The majority of the photographs show the streets and everyday life of Hong Kong before the Japanese occupation. Furthermore, the Museum has acquired over 19,000 historical documents and books, including accounts, certificates, business and government letters, textbooks and other items, all of which shed light on the social, economic and educational development of Hong Kong.

The Museum has a comprehensive collection of Hong Kong stamps, reaching around 4,000 items. These philatelic items illustrate the development of local postal history. The Museum also possesses a currency collection of around 5,500 items. It comprises not only local banknotes and coins, but also those of Macau and Guangdong, giving a more rounded picture of the Hong Kong economy over the years. Other items of local historical interest include industrial products, furniture and commercial items, Dr Sun Yat-sen's and his family's collection, the items collected from various government departments prior to the 1997 Handover and those relating to the Handover Ceremony, etc.

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