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Lecture Series on "War and Peace –– Hong Kong Before and After 1941"

Hong Kong's prosperity and affluence today has been built on the hard work of its residents over many generations. A close look back at Hong Kong's history, however, reveals several periods when the city and its people were directly or indirectly affected by war and conflict. In particular, the many years of the War of Resistance against Japan represent an important chapter in the story of Hong Kong, and that painful experience remains imprinted on the minds of the generation that lived through it. This lecture series explores Hong Kong pre-war and post-war society from a variety of perspectives, including the military background, people's livelihoods, influences in literature, developments in medicine and hygiene, archival records and others.

Organised by the Hong Kong Museum of History
Venue: Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
Seats: 110 seats, free admission, first come, first served. (Audience will be admitted 15 minutes before each lecture starts)

The Museum makes no representation concerning the contents of the lectures. 

All lectures will be conducted in Cantonese and delivered in hybrid mode unless otherwise specified. You may click here to subscribe our YouTube channel for receiving notifications.

Subject to the consent from the speakers, video archives will be available on our online platform "Talking History, e-Go!".

Date Topic Speaker

22 / 1
3 – 5pm                                

The Battle of Hong Kong 1941: A Study from the Perspective of Spatial History

Dr KWONG Chi Man
(Associate Professor, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University)

29 / 1
3 – 4:15pm

Public Records Office's Collections about Hong Kong under Japanese Occupation

Co-organised with Public Records Office, Government Records Service

Mr Bernard HUI
(Archivist, Public Records Office, Government Records Service)


Ms Emily YUEN
(Senior Assistant Archivist, Public Records Office, Government Records Service)


19 / 2
3 – 5pm


Hong Kong Society during the War of Resistance against Japan in 1937-1941

(Hong Kong History Researcher)



4 / 6

26 / 2
3 – 5pm


Survivors of the War: Historical Memory of Japanese Occupation in Hong Kong

Mr KO Tim Keung
(Local History Researcher)




24 / 9

12 / 3
2:30 – 5:30pm


From the Ashes: Eileen Chang in Wartime Hong Kong (In Putonghua)


The lecture will include film screening of "Love in a Fallen City" (Onsite Viewing Only) and a post-screening talk. The talk will commence around 4:20pm on our YouTube channel.


Professor Nicole HUANG
(Professor and Chairperson, Department of Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong)



30 / 7

19 / 3
3 – 5pm


Medical and Sanitary Services during the Japanese Occupation Period of Hong Kong


Dr Wilson LEE
(Hong Kong History Researcher)

23 / 4 
3 – 5pm 

Affection for the Motherland: Wah Kiu Yat Po and Literary Supplements of Hong Kong Newspapers in the 1930-40s


Dr CHEUNG Wing Mui
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


30 / 4 
3 – 5pm  

Hong Kong after the Pacific War: Short- and Long-Term Reconstruction


Mr MA Koon Yiu
(Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong)



Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.

For programme details, please contact us at 2724 9082.


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