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Encounter with Hong Kong's Past: History through the Museum's Collection

17/6/2000 – 26/11/2000

Since its establishment in 1975, the Hong Kong Museum of History has made strenuous effort in collecting and preserving cultural objects which are closely related to the history of Hong Kong and the South China area. Through active field work, purchases and donations, the Museum has built up a significant collection of historical objects and materials amounting over 70,000 items.

This exhibition features about 500 artefacts selected from the Museum's four major collections, namely archaeology, natural history, ethnography and local history. These include archaeological finds, rock and animal specimens, daily necessities, industrial products, philatelic items and objects on topics like Chinese wedding, traditional trades and crafts, commerce and finance, etc. Special attraction may count on the display of the items collected from various government departments prior to the 1997 Handover and those relating to the Handover Ceremony. It is hoped that the exhibition would help to enhance the public's understanding of and interest in the history and heritage of Hong Kong.


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