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The Great Wall: Gems of Cultural Relics of the Nomadic Tribes

28/11/2001 – 10/3/2002

1/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Jointly presented by the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Capital Museum of Beijing. " The Great Wall: Gems of Cultural Relics of the Nomadic Tribes" exhibition features some 120 items of cultural relics found in regions along the Great Wall dating from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period to the Ming Dynasty. The exhibition comprises of three sections, namely "Building the Great Wall", "The Great Wall and the National Amalgamation" and "The Spirit of the Great Wall". The interaction of farming culture and nomadic culture along the Great Wall will also be interpreted. The exhibition puts on display weapons used by the ancient nomads and other cultural relics depicting the trades, art, religion and cultural interaction at different periods, showing the diversity of culture along the Great Wall.



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