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Past Exhibitions



Achievements in the Past and Plans for the Future

28/6/2002 – 14/7/2002

The China Millennium Monument, Beijing

Jointly organized by the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing, the Information Services Department, the Architectural Services Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the exhibition is to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR. It aims at fostering a better understanding of the HKSAR amongst the mainland public. The exhibition features the history of Hong Kong, its achievements in the post-handover era and the blue print for its future development. The "History" section accounts for the growth of Hong Kong since 6,000 years ago till her reversion to Chinese sovereignty. The "Present Day" section gives a comprehensive overview of the present-day Hong Kong with an emphasis on its achievements and qualities that make it well poised to be an "Asia's World City". In the "future" section, it touches on a blue print for the future development of Hong Kong to maintain its leading position in respect of finance, logistics, hi-technology, manpower training and communication in the region. On concurrent display are thematic exhibitions on the tourism and stamps of Hong Kong.

The Museum displays 120 artefacts selected from her collection which includes archaeological finds, costumes of the four local ethnic groups, historical documents, stamps, coins, currency, and the flags of China and HKSAR hoisted in the Handover Ceremony in 1997.



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