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Bits of Old Hong Kong: Museum Acquisitions in the Last Five Years

22/6/2002 – 1/9/2002

Since its establishment in 1975, the Hong Kong Museum of History takes up the responsibility of promoting local history and culture by means of collecting related artefacts. Up to date, the Museum's collection already exceeds 77,000 items, and this sizable collection has been made possible by the generous donation of enthusiastic individuals and organizations, purchase from both the local area and abroad, as well as the vigorous field work conducted by the Museum staff in the past few decades.

As this July is the 5th anniversary of the reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty, the Museum has selected on display more than 100 pieces of newly-acquired artefacts, including documents, furnishings, industrial products and costumes, etc. Through this exhibition, the general public can realize the Museum's painstaking efforts in collecting historical items in the past 5 years, from which we hope to enhance public interest in local history and culture, thus making them more aware of the significance of preserving local heritage, and acquiring a greater sense of belonging to the city where we live.



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