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Past Exhibitions



Sun Yat-sen: from Cuiheng to Hong Kong

12/11/2003 – 1/12/2003

1/F Main Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Free Admission

Sun Yat-sen was born in Cuiheng village, Xiangshan County (the present Zhongshan), Guangdong Province. He received education in Hong Kong since the age of 17 and nurtured his ideas there. Despite repeated failures, the revolutionary activities led by Dr Sun finally overthrew the Qing dynasty, established the Republic of China, and opened a new chapter in political, economic, social and cultural development of modern China.

Jointly presented by the Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation, the Museum of Dr Sun Yat-sen at Cuiheng and the Hong Kong Museum of History, this exhibition commemorates the 137th anniversary of Dr Sun's birthday. It is part of the celebration programmes of the 5th anniversary of the founding of Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation. With the display of historical photos, artifacts and text panels, this exhibition introduces Dr Sun's relation with Hong Kong, his revolutionary activities, family and descendants, and helps to enhance the public's understanding of the life history of this great revolutionary.



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