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Past Exhibitions



We Shall Overcome: Plagues in Hong Kong

25/6/2003 – 20/10/2003

1/F Main Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Free Admission

The recent SARS outbreak has not only aroused the public's concern on local medical services and environmental hygiene, but also their interest in the occurrence of plagues in early Hong Kong. With the display of historical photographs, documents, text panels and illustration tables, this small-scale exhibition introduces the outbreak of the plagues from the inception of Hong Kong to the present, covering the "Hong Kong Fever" and dysentery prevalent among the British troops during the early period, the spread of the bubonic plague in Tai Ping Shan district in the late 19th century as well as the cholera in the 1960s. It is sincerely hoped that this exhibition will help enhance the public's understanding of the history of plagues in Hong Kong, and to strengthen our determination to improve the environmental hygiene so as to lead a happy and healthy life in the territory.



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