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Past Exhibitions



National Flag, Emblem and Anthem of the People's Republic of China

28/6/2003 – 14/7/2003

10am – 10pm

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Knog City Hall

Free Admission

Notional flag, emblem and anthem are symbols of a country, manifesting its sovereignty and dignity. On 1 October 1949 when the founding of the People's Republic of China was proclaimed, the national flag of New China was hoisted in Tiananmen Square whereas the notional anthem, The March of the Volunteers was played, marking the peak of the Founding Ceremony. The notional emblem was placed on Tiananmen Tower on the first anniversary of the Notional Day. Jointly presented with the Notional Museum of China, the Education and Manpower Bureau and The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture, the exhibition is to unfold the episodes behind the making of the notional flag, emblem and anthem of the People's Republic of China. A corner will be allocated for displaying the Museum's collection related to the establishment of the HKSAR. It is hoped that the exhibition will enable our visitors to have a better understanding of the origin and implication of these symbols of our motherland and the place where we are living.



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