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Deng Xiao-ping and Hong Kong

1/F Main Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Free admission

To mark the 7th anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong with China and to commemorate the 100 th posthumous birthday of Mr Deng Xiaopeng (1904-1997), the Museum presents this small-scale exhibition highlight the episodes of Deng's life in relation to Hong Kong. The wax work on display was produced by Mr Pang Liming and Mr AI Desheng of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. It was initially a gift presented to the Museum in 1998 to celebrate the first anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong with China. The wax work depicts the historical meeting of 24 September 1982 in Beijing held between the late Mr Deng Xiaoping and Mrs Margaret Thatcher, the then British Prime Minister, to discuss the future of Hong Kong. During the meeting, Deng made an important speech on the basic stand of the Chinese government towards the Hong Kong issue. This meeting inaugurated a series of Sino-British talks on the future of Hong Kong which subsequently led to the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on 26 September 1984.



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