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Bits of Old Hong Kong

30/4/2004 – 29/7/2004

Jointly presented by the Hong Kong Museum of History of LCSD and the National Museum of China, the "Bits of Old Hong Kong" exhibition was grandly opened on 30 April 2004 at the National Museum of China in Beijing. This is the debut travelling exhibition of Hong Kong history ever presented by our Museum to its mainland counterpart; it aims to enhance the cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the people on the Mainland and in Hong Kong. The exhibition feature 150 sets of artifacts and 128 historical photographs selected from the Museum's collection. Together with text panels, maps and video footage, the exhibition takes us to explore a century of Hong Kong history from the mid-19th century to the 1940s, covering the three themes, namely "Hong Kong in History", "Birth of a City" and "Home Is Where the Heart Is". Presented as a spatial and temporal tour, the exhibition traces how Hong Kong emerged to become a metropolis blending the essence of East and West. Aspects covered en route include the development of the urban landscape, modes of transportation and communication, trade and commerce, shops and eateries, entertainment and folk culture of people from all walks of life.



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