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Let Us Not Forget: The Exhibition on Landslide History in Hong Kong

3/4/2004, 3-7:30pm

4-14/4/2004, 9:30am-7:30pm

Exhibition Gallery 4-5,
Hong Kong Central Library

Free Admission

Hong Kong's hilly terrain, heavy summer rainfall, and intensive development located on or near to steep hillsides together make us vulnerable to risk from landslides. Due to the uncertainties of the nature, landslide risk will never be completely eliminated despite the current state-of-the-art engineering technologies.

Jointly organized by the Civil Engineering Department and the Hong Kong Museum of History, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, "Let Us Not Forget: The Exhibition on Landslide History in Hong Kong" aims at raising the public awareness on slope safely and landslide risk through a review of the history of landslide disasters in Hong Kong. It is hoped that people will sustain their vigilance in combating landslides. The exhibition also promotes the understanding of the role of the Civil Engineering Department in reducing landslide risk and the various advanced technologies used in the Slope Safety System.



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