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Dr Sun Yat-sen and Modern China

1/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Free Admission

"I feel as though I have returned home, because Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong are the birth place of my knowledge". The above phrase made by Dr Sun Yat-sen at the University of Hong Kong on 20 February 1923 concludes his relationship with Hong Kong. Apart from being the birth place of his knowledge, Hong Kong also provided a forum for spreading his revolutionary ideas, raising funds for the revolutionary cause, and supervising the uprisings of Xing Zhong Hui and Tong Meng Hui. Through the display of historical photographs, the exhibition throws light on the historical episodes of Dr Sun Yat-sen, while touching upon the role of Hong Kong in accomplishing his revolutionary career. Also, on display is the footage of a documentary entitled A Page of History done by Lai Man-wei, a pioneer of the Chinese film industry, showing the charisma of Dr Sun Yat-sen under the lens of Hong Kong's cameraman.



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