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Past Exhibitions



History of Ta Teh Institute

Until 3/10/2005

1/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

The Ta Teh Institute was a full-time arts college established by the Communist Party Committee of the Guangdong area and the patriots dwelling in Hong Kong during the Chinese Civil War period. Situated at the Tuen Mun district, the school has its name originated from a chapter of The Book of Rites, saying that "wisdom, benevolence and courage are shared by all virtues". With the permission of the Hong Kong Education Department, the Ta Teh Institute started its schooling on 10 October 1946. Until the institute was banned on 23 February 1949, its operation had lasted for two years and four mouths. A handful of intellectuals, who gathered in Hong Kong during the second half of the 1940s, provided the institute with an impeccable teaching staff, grooming some 800 promising young people for the country's service.

Jointly organized by the Museum of the peasant Movement Institute and the Ta Teh Alumni Association, the exhibition attempts to shed light on the inseparable relationship between Hong Kong and China, as well as the "second frontline" between the Communists and Nationalists over the cultural hegemony of Hong Kong. With the display of some 50 artifacts and more than a hundred historical photographs, visitors will learn about the role of this school, characterized by its noted masters and students, in a chapter of Hong Kong's history.




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