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Paris Reflections: Photographs from the Centre Pompidou

11/5/2005 -30/5/2005

The exhibition will feature over 160 black and white photographs selected form the Centre Pompidou. They are the masterpieces of some 30 world-renowned photographers featuring the changing cityscape of Paris from 1920s to the 1990s. Varied in the subject matter and style, Paris will be presented in street scenes, buildings, portraits and everyday life, from which we could appreciate its grandeur as a modern cosmopolitan city at one time, and its uniqueness as a European capital at another. Either in long shots or close-ups, the images which embody poetic flavour and philosophical values are speaking for themselves the reality and romance of Paris in the last century. They have also captured the mystique and allure of the city which have made a lasting impression to so many.



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