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Women of Hong Kong – A Century of Contribution and Development

1/10/2008  22/10/2008

1/F Lobby
Hong Kong Museum of History

Presented by the Women's Commission

Over the past century, Hong Kong has evolved from a fishing village to a cosmopolitan city, and women have played an important part in the process. The Exhibition on "Women of Hong Kong - A Century of Contribution and Development" aimed at displaying significant experiences of women in Hong Kong over the past century in the areas of work, family, education and participation in the society, as well as presenting to the public the history of Hong Kong women's development in various aspects and enhancing gender awareness of the public. The Exhibition not only reflected the development and contribution of women in Hong Kong, but also presented the cultural life of local girl-child, as well as profiles of the first women in occupations that were used to be male dominant and in different areas of achievement.


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