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In Memory of "The King of Radio Broadcasting" Exhibition of Mr. Chung Wai-ming's Collections

4/2/2010 – 15/3/2010

1/F Lobb
y, Hong Kong Museum of History

Presented by RTHK
In association with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Mr. Chung Wai Ming, a beloved professional radio broadcaster in the broadcasting history, is a widely respected figure in the field.

On Broadcast Drive, Mr. Chung Wai Ming was affectionately called "Big Brother Chung" by his fellows. Starting from 1947, Big Brother Chung had brought to life, one after another, the characters in radio dramas in 1950's and 1960's through his resonant voice, clear articulation and mastery of sound broadcasting skills, and his continual passion for broadcasting. Big Brother Chung accepted police training for three months in order to play the role of Detective Kwok Lam vividly, and he learned kung-fu skills from Master Chu Yu-chai, a grand-disciple of Wong Fei-hung, in order to describe martial arts stories more convincingly. His dedication and professionalism turned him into a super broadcasting star and opened up a golden era of radio broadcasting.

The general public in Hong Kong received information about great events in the past such as inaugural ceremony of Hong Kong Governor, typhoon, Vietnam refugees issue through the clear and sonorous voice of Chung Wai Ming which has become the collective memory of generation after generation of Hong Kong people. Having witnessed the vicissitudes in Hong Kong for over sixty years, Big Brother Chung was dedicated to his career as ever, and continued to participate in radio programmes and community and elderly services after retirement. He was always scrupulous in articulation and thus was not only accepted by many as the orthodox of proper Cantonese pronunciation, but a learning model for the public as well. His achievements in broadcasting throughout his life had won him the MBE Medal and the "Life Time Achievement in Broadcasting Award".

Mr. Chung Wai Ming had accompanied countless Hong Kongers growing up. We hope that this exhibition of his collections would enlighten the audience on the history of broadcasting and cultural heritage in Hong Kong.


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