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Memories We Share: Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970

31/3/2010  30/6/2010

1/F Lobby, 
Hong Kong Museum of History

In the space of just two decades, Hong Kong's population surged from 3.01 million in 1960 to 5.01 million in 1979. With the number of teenagers accounting for 39% of that total, the territory's demographics were one of the necessary conditions that fuelled its post-war economic boom that had first been made possible by the capital and industrial know-how introduced from mainland China. At the same time, this rapid growth in the population exerted enormous pressure on Hong Kong's healthcare, housing and education systems. Yet the spirit of perseverance and courage – a strength of immigrant societies – provided the impetus for significant growth in industry and commerce over the next 20 years while also laying the foundation for Hong Kong's later prosperity.

In the meantime, as urban development continued, new trends and practices emerged in Hong Kong's way of life, social atmosphere and culture. The people of Hong Kong began to experience a lifestyle that was becoming increasingly sophisticated. The rich collection of photographs and video footage showcased in this exhibition took us back to Hong Kong at this pivotal time and introduced to today's youngsters the many and varied facets of the daily lives in the past.


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