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Chen Kung-che: Hong Kong's Archaeologist and Polymath

19/1/2011  28/3/2011

Chen Kung-che (1890–1961) was a pioneer in the field of Hong Kong archaeology. In 1938, travelling by land and sea, he conducted a formidable archaeological survey that extended across the territory: over a period of 10 months he carried out excavations at more than 10 sites and recovered about 300 artefacts. Of the sites, Tung Wan at Shek Pik on Lantau Island was the one that Chen investigated and excavated most frequently, and it was also the one that yielded the most precious findings, including a jade yazhang and the prehistoric rock carvings at Shek Pik. The exhibition introduces his dedicated role in uncovering Hong Kong's ancient history as well as early archaeological work of Hong Kong.



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