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Dockyards of Hong Kong – Pictorial Exhibition on Hong Kong's Shipbuilding and Repair Industry

13/7/2011  21/11/2011

1/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Organised by Hong Kong Museum of History

Along with advancements in shipbuilding technology and the launch of new sea routes, shipping and trade between Europe and Asia had developed rapidly since the mid-19th century. Thanks to the favourable anchorage conditions of Hong Kong, the city quickly developed into a shipping hub, and the related shipbuilding and repair industry boomed as well. The city's dockyard business became one of the most important shipping investments of British merchants in the Far East.

A few years ago, Hongkong United Dockyards Ltd generously donated thousands of valuable historical photographs and glass negatives to the Museum, greatly enriching our historical photo collection. These images spanned across World War II and faithfully documented the development of Whampoa Dock, Taikoo Dockyard and Hongkong United Dockyards. With these valuable assets, the Museum put up that pictorial exhibition to let the public revisit the glorious chapters of these major dockyards. The images did not only introduce the dockyards as port facilities, but also traced the development of the shipbuilding and repair industry of Hong Kong – the territory's earliest modern heavy industry.


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