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Chaozhou Food Culture in Hong Kong

21/3/2012 – 1/5/2012
1/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Organised by
Hong Kong Museum of History
"Ta-nang" (Chaozhou-style food dishes served by street-side food stalls), "gongfu" tea, peanut candy are all Chaozhou food items with which Hong Kong people are familiar. Since Hong Kong opened for trade as a seaport, many people came to Hong Kong from Chaozhou, Shantoui, Chenghai, and Jieyang of Guangdong Province to earn their livings. It is estimated that over 1,200,000 people in Hong Kong are of Chaozhou origin. In the past, when settling in Hong Kong the immigrants from the Chaozhou region brought with them their native social customs and their distinctive food culture. This has enriched Hong Kong society with a great number of cultural influences.

Depicting the "ta-nang" restaurants, Chaozhou-style festive confectionery and "gongfu" tea, the photos and objects from the museum's collection have been compiled to provide an introduction to the food culture of the local Chaozhou people, as well as to highlight the connection which existed between the ethnic identity and the eating habits of the Chaozhou people in Hong Kong.


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