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The Tastes of Hong Kong – Local Food Culture Exhibition

Until 6/10/2014

1/F, Hong Kong Museum of History

Presented by
Hong Kong Museum of History

After opening its port to foreign trade in 1841, Hong Kong gradually developed into a regional trade and transport hub, with merchants and travellers bringing not only growing prosperity, but also food cultures from around the world to the city. Hong Kong's location and its proximity to Guangzhou have meant that Cantonese cuisine has retained its status as the territory's local food culture throughout the years, but today the city not only offers Chinese fare from Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai, Chaozhou and other regions as well as from indigenous people such as the Hakka, but also specialities and delicacies from Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, South-east Asia and India and many other countries. Hong Kong richly deserves its reputation as a "food paradise".

Introducing the history and décor of different eating and drinking venues in Hong Kong, this exhibition sheds light on the characteristics of the city's food culture and looks back with visitors at the stories behind the exhibits.


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