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Ying Wa College Bicentenary Exhibition –A Legacy to Hong Kong History

2/11/2018 – 5/12/2018

1/F Main Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of History

Jointly presented by
Ying Wa College

Hong Kong Museum of History

Ying Wa College was founded by Rev. Robert Morrison as the Anglo-Chinese College in Malacca in 1818, with "cultivation of English and Chinese literature in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ" as the object. The College was relocated to Hong Kong in 1843 and it is the oldest extant school in the city. The College has played a pivotal role in promoting Chinese studies, Chinese translation and Christian missionary work in China. It has also contributed significantly to advocating Western education in Hong Kong, publishing Chinese newspapers as well as developing the printing industry.

This exhibition is organised to commemorate the College's 200th anniversary. Exhibit highlights not only include the College's own collection, but also the missionary publications and school documents in the 19th century loaned from the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford and the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London; the prized collection of Rev. James Legge, the first Professor of Chinese at the University of Oxford and the 7th Principal of the College; and the Chinese Bible published by the College in 1855, loaned from Enkouji Temple in Kyoto, in order to illustrate the far-reaching impact of the College's missionary and educational work on Hong Kong and East Asia.


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