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 Hong Kong Museum of History - Audio Guide

Audio Guide for The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: The Ancient Civilisation of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties in Henan Province



Exhibition Floor Plan


1. Polished black eggshell pottery goblet


2. Boar-head-shaped lid of a pottery vessel


3. Bronze jue (wine vessel)


4. Bronze square ding (food vessel) with animal-mask and nipple patterns


5. Proto-porcelain zun (wine vessel)


6. Cowrie shells


7. ‘Fu Hao’ gong (wine vessel) with cylindrical foot


8. Jade owl


9. Oracle bone with divination inscription about war

10. White pottery elephant-shaped zun (wine vessel)


11. Bronze square yi (wine vessel)


12. Bronze zun (wine vessel) adorned with three birds


13. ‘Chang Zi Kou’ bronze square zun (wine vessel) with square zhu (ladle)


14. Bronze ritual objects - nine ding, eight gui and nine li

15. Jade face cover

16. Square jian (water vessel)

17. ‘Wang Zi Wu’ ding (food vessel)

18. ‘Fu Yi’ jiao (wine vessel)


19. Remnant of a bronze hoop inscribed with an imperial edict in the 26th year of Qin Shi Huang’s reign


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