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Renovation of the Permanent Exhibition


Expert Advisory Panel


Mr. NG Chi Wo (Museum Director)

(Names are listed in alphabetical order)
Prof CHAN Ching, Selina
Prof CHOW Kai-wing
Dr CHU Chi-fu
Prof LAU Chi-pang, B.B.S., J.P.
Prof LUI Tai-lok, J.P.
Prof MAK King-sang, Ricardo
Dr NG Chi-wa, Louis
Prof SINN Yuk-yee, Elizabeth, B.B.S.
Prof SIU Kwok-kin, Anthony, M.H.
Dr TAN Kang, John
Prof TING Sun-pao, Joseph, B.B.S.
Mr. CHAN Shing-hon, Osmond (Curator, Permanent Exhibition)


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